Jim Bradshaw Memorial Service

Lunch for the family


Dear Berean Member,

We have a great opportunity to serve and love on Melody Bradshaw & Mindy Kral and their extended family as they cope with losing Jim. They will have many family members attending the memorial service, and some from great distances. Truth is, they just do not have room in their homes for the number of family that will be here...close to 100.

So, we are going to cater a meal for them and host it in the Student Building after the memorial service. Due to it being the holidays, people being busy with their own family things, and the current state of the Student Building kitchen (no stove, oven, or hot table), having the meal catered will be a real blessing for everyone involved. 

The service is Saturday, December 27th at 11am, and we will be preparing to have the meal ready by 12:15-12:30pm. 

     Here are the ways you can help love & serve this family:

     1. Donate funds to help cover the cost 

          * bring a donation to our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service- Wednesday, Dec 24th @ 5pm

          * give online and mark "Bradshaw Meal" in the comment section


     2. Help with cleaning and setup 

          * Friday evening at 5pm and/or Saturday afternoon, when family is finished with the meal


    3. Bring desserts

          * This is the only part of the meal that won't be catered.

Please contact Kym Harper if you are able to help with either number 2 or 3 listed above. By phone- 214.762.5132 or email- kym@iamberan.com

Thank you in advance for lovingly serving this dear family at their time of need.

In His service,

Your Pastors