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We are definitely living in a world sick with sin, and it seems we are constantly being reminded of that fact. As we are in the midst of praying for those affected by recent tragedies, we are also taking time to evaluate our Berean safety and security plan.


While we might think it sad that we have to think this way and give consideration to the worst possible outcomes, we know it is prudent and most necessary. When the church comes together and welcomes guests, everyone should be able to expect and to experience a safe, fun, and welcoming experience.


It has always been a top priority to provide a safe and secure atmosphere at all Berean events. That includes when we gather for worship services on Sundays, as well as all other church or outreach events and activities.


During this time of evaluation, we would like to meet with all Berean members who are legal concealed carriers. Please click HERE to let us know, and we will setup a meeting soon.


If you would like to serve in the area of Safety & Security, please click the pick above, and let us know. Thank you for your interest and willingness to serve in this capacity.