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LATEST UPDATE: Next on the calendar are a couple of meetings with the Town of Sunnyvale. June 18th is the Planning & Zoning Meeting followed by the Town Council Meeting on June 25th. We are anticipating and trusting God that we could be turning dirt within the next few weeks!

May 21, 2018:


Berean officially owns a beautiful tract of land right next door to the old location of the Bull's Pen restaurant on US Highway 80 near East Fork Road.

As a church family, we are extremely grateful!


What else is on this page?

  • Some design photos showing what our building could look like.
  • Preliminary site plan of the new piece of property.
  • Preliminary floor plan of new building.
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Property Site Plan & Building Floor plan


The building floor plan as drawn is roughly 18,400 sq ft as designed.

It includes a main auditorium with seating for approximately 300 chairs, a main commons area running through the middle of the building that is over 3 times larger than the lobby at Berean's previous campus, a large kitchen/storage area and much more room for our children's classes.

BEREAN floorplan1.jpg

With the approval of TXDOT, the new property would have a front entrance/exit from the access road. The site plan drawing also does not have the front circle drive (drop-off) included.

You will also notice that there is quite a bit of open land in the back where will be able to place a playground, and have a sports field for future ministry.

This preliminary floor plan shows the basic idea for the new building. There are still changes and tweaks to be made before reaching the finalized design.


Similarly, the site plan below is a preliminary look at how the building and parking could be situated on the new property.

New Site Plan1.jpg