Below are notes and details about the meeting. If you have any other questions, please contact a pastor, as they will be pleased to discuss this further with you.

We had a great meeting on Sunday afternoon where we talked through the offer we have received, answered questions from members, and voted to accept the offer. There was a sincere unity in the church family, and we are grateful to God for bringing us together as only he can.


The Offer:

We have been offered (and the church has voted to accept) $600,000 to purchase approximately 7.5 acres at the southern end of our property. This section of land stretches from the southern most border of our property, stops near the edge of our newest parking extension, and includes the 60 foot access to Belt Line Rd.


Confidentiality Agreement

Part of the purchase contract states that the buyer's plans for the land must remain confidential until the deal closes. Not honoring that clause could null and void the deal. Therefore, whatever plans the church leadership might be privy to will remain confidential. 

Question was raised as to whether the plans would be a detriment to the church as a new neighbor. The pastors assured us that nothing untoward or inappropriate was planned nor would it be agreed to.


Plans Going Forward

Finances procured from the sell of the land would be used to pay down our loan payment (which is currently around $800,000). 

Other plans are in the works to further discuss with the charter school's (ECIA) desire and/or ability to purchase the remaining property, which would include all buildings. The current lease with ECIA continues through the end of the 2019 school year.

Pertaining to what God has in store for Berean if we were to sell the rest of our property, please be in prayer, asking God to continue to lead us according to his providence. The pastors are continually looking at potential property and opportunities for the future. We believe that God is doing many things behind the scenes, and it is exciting to trust his leadership, and be ready and willing to follow this adventure with him.


Click the link below to view a map of our property that defines the land area that the offer to purchase covers.

Property Map

Meeting Power Point