Click the pic below to get your copy of the schedule for our Spring 2018 LifeGroups.

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What are LifeGroups?

LifeGroups are small communities within the church that meet regularly for fellowship, prayer, and service. They meet on different days, contain various numbers of people and are made up of men and women from all generations   and walks of life.


Growing Together

At Berean, LifeGroups give us the opportunity to apply God's word in personal, practical ways. They provide us with the context to grow spiritually by connecting in authentic relationships with other believers. Group members are committed to move toward authenticity and transparency knowing they will be accepted, encouraged, cared for and challenged by others in the group.


Get Connected

If you are not already connected, we have a group for you. Check the list on this page to find a group in your area, and email the leader to find out all the details about their LifeGroup.

If you have any other questions, please contact us today or speak with a pastor after one of our Sunday services.


Purchase and pick up your LG book by Sunday, Jan 21. You can pick up your book at the Connection Desk on Sundays. 


This book will help us shift our focus from ourselves to those living around us. That new focus will help us care for and connect with others, thereby affording us the opportunity to more effectively share God's love & the Gospel with them.


LifeGroups Spring '18

First Week of LG:

January 21


Last Week of LG:

April 29


We are very excited at Berean for our fall semester of LifeGroups and the new opportunities to grow, learn, and fellowship that many will experience.

Choose the LG that works best for you, and email the LG leader. They will contact you with the meeting details for that specific LG.


LifeGroups for Ladies:

Sundays in Mesquite @ 5pm            with Alesha

Wednesdays in Mesquite @ 7pm      with Sheree

Wednesdays in Mesquite @ 6pm      with Kym


LifeGroup for Men:

Saturdays in Mesquite @ 9am          with Ken


LifeGroups for Couples:

Tuesdays in Mesquite @ 7pm          with Bradley & Brianna

Wednesdays in Forney @ 7pm        with Dave & Tami

Wednesdays in Forney @ 7pm        with Eric & Cyndi

Wednesdays in Rockwall @ 7pm      with Terry & Cindy