KiDs Beach club

KiDs Beach Club® seeks to make Christ relevant within the community by providing Christ followers an opportunity to serve at the very heart of every neighborhood... the public elementary school. Each KiDs Beach Club® is a "connector" linking a local church to a neighborhood elementary school.

Berean is excited to be starting a new KiDs Beach Club at Beasley Elementary in Mesquite.


Partnering With Local Schools


We know that schools have a huge task trying to meet the needs of the many families that send children to their campuses. The parents, students, teachers, and staff all have a role to play, and are interested in making their school the best it can be. As a church in the community, we count it a privilege to be a help in this process. It is our joy to gather resources as a church, and give to support the needs associated with each classroom. 

The 2016-17 school year is a banner year for Berean as we are hoping to build relationships with Austin & Beasley Elementary schools. 

"Why Austin & Beasley elementary schools?" 

In our first year of building relationships with elementary schools, we have chosen the closest two schools to our church campus. We feel this helps give us a very personal touch, as we are all part of the same local community. Our campus and the school campuses are close to each other, and many who drive our streets and visit our campuses will be familiar with each other. A further goal is to see our partnership with elementary schools grow to include even more schools in the future.