Hope everyone is getting excited to come together, eat some delicious food, watch the Cowboys destroy the Redskins, and celebrate God's many blessings!

Below I've listed the items Kym and I are willing to prepare for our FAMILY FAJITA FEAST, and a place for you to fill out the form with what you'd like to bring.

The game begins at 3:30, so we will try to eat by 1pm. Arrive any time after 11a. That will give us time to do some prep, and time for me to get my workout in before the festivities begin. :)

As you fill out the form below, please add any additional items you think we need. Also, feel free to comment on anything we're bringing. Maybe you don't think we need 3 meats...you only like chicken & beef...or you don't want beef, but pork sounds great. Just add your thoughts in the comment section.

If someone wants to prepare and bring beef taco meat, maybe I only need to prepare chicken and pork. Put your thoughts in the comment section.


Mike & Kym

Here's what we're thinking:

*meat (chicken & pork)

*Harper famous guacamole

*queso dip

*sweet tea & coffee

*big bag of chips

*Kym's oven tacos

*sweet 'n hot jalapenos


Lon & Kris

Here's what we're bringing:

*tomatoes for quac & dice

*sour cream

*favorite hot sauce


*dessert item

*Kristi's making beef empanadas


Mom & Dad

Here's what we're bringing:

*tomatoes for quac & dice

*tortilla chips

*favorite hot sauce

*tortillas & crispy shells

*taco beef

*chicken enchiladas

*apple dumplings

*pumpkin cookies

*chocolate pies