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Why do we need the First Impressions teams? What is the point?



Our heart’s desire, each and every time we host any type of gathering, is to remove any potential obstacle to a guest having a wonderful experience while on our campus. That means we want them to receive multiple warm and friendly greetings from our members. We also want them to know exactly how to get where they need to get: Guest Parking spaces, Main Building Entrance, Connection Desk, Kids area, and Student Ministry area. When they feel a little lost because they are new and aren’t quite sure which direction to go, we want them to see a smiling, friendly face that will gladly and quickly become their guide and helper.

While inside our buildings, we also want to provide them with a sense of safety and security by providing them with the knowledge that our volunteer staff is on task serving them the whole time: inside and outside the buildings.

We are ambassadors for God, and we take seriously the great importance placed on our responsibility to carry the message of God’s love to others. It is completely unacceptable for a little thing like parking or directions inside the building to derail or sidetrack someone so much that they miss what God has for them. It would be especially sad if it was due to our lack of diligence to serve well.

While we know that we cannot do everything 100% right for every person’s preferences, we seek to diligently serve well.



More Volunteers

While more workers mean that you don't have to serve as often, we would still love to see some take a more permanent role in some areas.

For example, a husband and wife can both decide to serve somewhere during one service, and attend the other worship service together. They can provide a permanent fixture in a particular area of service, and always attend worship together.

This would be a blessing in a number of ways:

-More consistency on the schedule

-Same faces week after week for returning guests to see

-Easier work for coordinator

To sign-up for more service opportunities, or to let us know you can take a more permanent position, please email Pat Crowell.