Driven By Purpose: Two Worship Services


Our Mission: 

According to Scripture, we exist to glorify God by equipping the church to speak the gospel truth in love to one another for the purpose of unity and maturity in Christlikeness, so that through relationships we may be effective witnesses to our communities and beyond.

For some churches, after years or decades of ministry, it can become easy to fall into the pattern of doing things a certain way simply because, "That's the way we've always done it." Often times there is little or no purpose behind the processes and structures of ministry. In that case, when purpose begins to be inspected, defined, and refined, it's easy to see where current structure does not mesh with the core mission and ultimate purpose of the church.

This is the position in which Berean found herself. The past couple of years has seen the pastors spending time in prayer and evaluation. Each ministry and structure has been evaluated and steps are being taken to have our process match our purpose.

New Service Times

2 Sunday Worship Services at 9:00 and 10:30am

Above all else, we deeply desire to be a church that is God-honoring, healthy, growing, and others-focused. Our Worship Center is currently set up to maximize crowd flow and attendee interaction. As we approach the 230-240 mark in attendance, we see a real problem and awkwardness, especially with our guests. Guests often come in later and try to slip into a seat towards the back. They are initially there to observe our church family, and that becomes awkward when there aren't enough open seats for them to sit down together.

A second worship service also allows for more members to be active in Sunday service to their church family and our guests. Many times volunteers are willing to serve, but not keen on the idea of missing the worship service. With two services, they can now serve during one and attend the other as a family. 

Children @ Berean

Berean has a long history of loving children and providing kind, caring volunteers for every age group. However, we haven't always had a solid, strong plan for helping to build a faith foundation in their lives. This in-depth evaluation process has afforded us the opportunity to look closely and deeply into developing a comprehensive plan for seeing growing and maturing children develop into adults with their own, personal grasp on their faith in Christ.

To help facilitate this process and to assist families, we will have Preschool Classes and KidZone Services for babies and children during each Sunday worship service. Parents will come to count on excellent classes and services for their children every Sunday.  Loving, caring, and gifted teachers and leaders will spend their time lovingly training and helping build each child's faith foundation.   KIDS MINISTRY

Students @ Berean

The trend over the past 3-4 decades has been that high school graduates leave the church immediately after graduation. The statistic is between 75-85% of graduates, and it's true in all Protestant faiths. We desire to make that untrue at Berean. Our goal is to help raise godly students who have gained the understanding of what it means to be part of the church. With their faith firmly in their own hands, we know they can come to see Berean as their church and know what their responsibilities are as a member. 

This is part of the comprehensive plan for children. We must continually grow and train them as they age. By the time a child becomes a Middle School student, they will begin to learn more about what it means to be a covenant member. To that end, our Middle School students will have LifeGroups on Sunday mornings during the 9:00am service hour. Our High School students, being older, will have a little more expectations on them as they are even closer to having the opportunity to become a covenant member of Berean. Our High School students will experience Sunday mornings just like the rest of the adults; having the opportunity to serve one hour and attend worship service the other. They will also have their LifeGroups in homes on Sunday nights, led by equipped adults in our church.   STUDENT MINISTRY

Biblical Community

We see the move from a larger class model that is structured around life stages to smaller groups that are more diverse in age and grouped by geography as an important step for our church. It helps us become more others-focused as a church family and gets us out, away from the church campus and into our neighborhoods. There we are better positioned to think about those around us who might be far from God or in need of a church home.  LifeGroups is how we plan to achieve this more intentional atmosphere of Biblical Community.  

While the past structure of Adult Bible Fellowship classes will be absent from our weekly gatherings, the fellowship aspect will certainly continue. ABF classes and groups will be encouraged to continue getting together for fellowship, and helping to serve and meet needs as they are made aware. The most important aspect to LifeGroups is the part of Biblical Community that is missing in most traditional Sunday School settings...accountability. While we live our lives on this earth, and strive to become more like Jesus, we need more than a comfortable place where we feel loved and enjoy seeing people we know and like. We desperately need godly brothers and sisters in Christ holding us accountable, encouraging, warning, growing, and stretching us. We are firmly convinced that LifeGroups is a better, more effective way to provide this all-important atmosphere of continual Biblical Community.   LIFE GROUPS